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Supreme Electric & Solar can install whole house surge protection systems that can keep your home safe in the event of a lightning strike or other catastrophe. A whole house surge protector is connected to the main electrical service panel and monitors for major electrical surges. Installing one can help protect your home's interior wiring and your appliances from serious damage.

Most people have a big screen TV or computer equipment that cost a pretty penny. Protect your investment with surge protection. It is not very expensive to protect certain rooms, or even your entire house from electrical surges that can destroy your equipment.

If you have ever noticed the lights flickering during a storm in DFW then there was a surge. Some are larger and much more dangerous than others. Make sure you have the expensive equipment in your home protected. Surges can damage refrigerators, phones, tvs, dvd players, computers, home theater systems, and anything else plugged into the homes electrical system.

We have options to protect certain outlets or even your entire home. We can install surge protection right at the main breaker box that will cover the entire home. Make sure a storm does not ruin the electronics at your house during a lightning storm or severe thunderstorm. You don’t want to miss those important weather alerts during a crippling storm that is passing thru your area.

Surge Protection