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Supreme Electric & Solar has certified electricians that specialize in adding or troubleshooting electrical outlets and switches around your home or business. Sometimes when you flip a switch nothing happens. If this should occur give us a call to schedule a service call to take care of your problem. We have been helping people around DFW for over 10 years with electrical issues.

Switches are not always just for lights, they can also be for single phase or 3 phase motors which are referred to as safety disconnects. These switches are required by code for every motor in the home or business whether it be single or 3 phase.

Pools require a motor to circulate the water and maintain fluid consistencies. These motors are a perfect example of when a safety disconnect switch or timer comes into play. Our certified technicians can give you straight answers and practical solutions for any problems you may be facing.

Disconnects are required in automated control systems in manufacturing environments. These are necessary by code to be “ within sight “ of the motor. Our technicians will always ensure that your electrical switches are adequate and meet national and all required code standards.

An outlet is any place where electricity comes from the wall and is ready for consumption. Sensitive equipment should always have a dedicated service line like computers and home theater systems including big screen TVs.